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Medical Language Instant Translator

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ISBN: 978-0-323-37843-7

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Medical Language Instant Translator , 6th Edition

By Davi-Ellen Chabner, BA, MAT

334 pages
Copyright 2017
$42.95, Paperback, Reference

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Find quick, practical explanations of specialized medical terminology! Davi-Ellen Chabner’s Medical Language Instant Translator, 6th Edition provides a handy reference that’s ideal for everyday use in the classroom and in the health care environment. Access key information on diagnostic tests and procedures, commonly misunderstood medical terms, and interpreting medical reports. Find coverage of the top 100 prescription drugs, medical abbreviations, symbols, and acronyms, and more. Based on Chabner’s The Language of Medicine, this compact resource makes it easier to understand complicated medical terms and communicate more effectively.

Key Features

  • Quick, portable access makes it easy to find information on key medical terms, abbreviations, common diagnoses, and more.
  • Medical Terms Easily Confused section helps you distinguish between commonly misunderstood medical terms.
  • Diagnostic Tests and Procedures section addresses commonly performed diagnostic tests and procedures and why they are ordered.
  • Body Systems sections include labeled, full-color illustrations for a handy review of anatomy.
  • Other translations of medical language include sections on acronyms, eponyms, symbols, plurals, surgical terminology and technology, prescription drugs, and complementary and alternative medicine.

New to this Edition

  • NEW Understanding Medical Reports section helps you navigate through the terminology and background of clinical procedures and tests.
  • NEW terms and definitions reflect the latest advances in health care.
  • UPDATES provide the latest information on topics such as health care organizations, certifications, and professional designations.

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Table of Contents
Author Information

By Davi-Ellen Chabner, BA, MAT, Newton Centre, MA

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