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Office-Based Procedures, An issue of Urologic Clinics

Elsevier Title
ISBN: 978-0-323-24239-4

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Office-Based Procedures, An issue of Urologic Clinics

By J. Stephen Jones, MD

Copyright 2013
$128.99, Hardcover, Reference

A title in the The Clinics: Internal Medicine Series.

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This issue of the Urologic Clinics covers office-based procedures in urology. There are a wealth of urologic procedures that can be done in the office setting, offering reduced risks to the patient, less stress, and better recovery time, as well as a more favourable reimbursement for the physician. Articles include more common issues such as stone management, ultrasound/prostate biopsy, and vasectomy, as well as infusion therapy, biofeedback, and office anesthesia.

Author Information

By J. Stephen Jones, MD, Department Chair, Regional Urology, Beachwood Family Health Center, Beachwood, OH

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