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Clinical Anatomy of the Spine, Spinal Cord, and ANS

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ISBN: 978-0-323-07954-9

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Clinical Anatomy of the Spine, Spinal Cord, and ANS , 3rd Edition

By Gregory D. Cramer, DC, PhD and Susan A. Darby, PhD

688 pages
Trim Size 8 3/4 X 11 1/16 in
Copyright 2014
$168.00, Hardcover, Reference

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With its unique clinical perspective and evidence-based coverage, Clinical Anatomy of the Spine, Spinal Cord, and ANS is the definitive reference for applying anatomic considerations to the evaluation and management of conditions of the spine and associated neural structures, including spinal impingement and subluxation. High-quality color illustrations and photographs, as well as abundant radiographs, CT, and MRI images, visually demonstrate specific anatomic and neuromusculoskeletal relationships and highlight structures that may be affected by manual and surgical spinal techniques or other diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.


"Embryological, gross anatomical, histological, and physiological aspects of the spine, spinal cord, and ANS are comprehensively discussed and related to the pathophysiology encountered in clinical practice. Extensive use of illustrations, clinical vignettes, photographs, radiologic images, and well-organized tables enhances the presentation and eases the aforementioned application of current anatomical knowledge in the clinical setting. The text is well-written and organized in short paragraphs separated by a logic sequence of headings and subheadings to maintain oversight to the reader.

I highly recommend this work to all students in the medical field and health care providers involved in the care of patients with disorders of the spine and spinal cord."

Christoph J. Griessenauer

Division of Neurosurgery

Department of Surgery

Birmingham, Alabama

Key Features

  • Coverage of the mechanisms behind the evaluation and treatment of clinical conditions related to the spine and associated neural structures helps you connect theory to practice by providing the rationale behind treatments.
  • Special emphasis on structures that may be affected by manual and surgical spinal techniques and by other diagnostic and therapeutic procedures related to the spine provides more focused coverage than general anatomy references.
  • Diagnostic imaging technology is highlighted throughout, with radiographs, CTs, and MRIs that demonstrate the relevance of anatomy to clinical practice.
  • High-quality color illustrations and photographs enhance your understanding and assist with diagnostics.
  • Highlighted items allow you to quickly locate clinically relevant information.

New to this Edition

  • Updated, evidence-based content ensures you have the information needed to provide safe, effective patient care.
  • New section on fascia provides the latest information on this emerging topic.
  • New illustrations, including line drawings, MRIs CTs, and x-rays, visually clarify key concepts.

Table of Contents
Author Information

By Gregory D. Cramer, DC, PhD, Professor and Dean of Research, National University of Health Science, Lombard, IL, USA and Susan A. Darby, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Anatomy, National University of Health Science, Lombard, IL, USA

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