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Phillips & Speedwell Contact Lenses, 6th Edition 2019
Bruce & Loughnan Anterior Eye Disease and Therapeutics A-Z - E-Book, 2nd Edition 2012
 Author  Title  Copyright
Remington & Goodwin Clinical Anatomy and Physiology of the Visual System, 4th Edition 2022
Phillips & Speedwell Contact Lenses, 6th Edition 2019
Gasson & Morris The Contact Lens Manual, 4th Edition: A Practical Guide to Fitting 2010
APME Business Aspects of Optometry, 3rd Edition 2010
Rosenfield & Logan Optometry: Science, Techniques and Clinical Management, 2nd Edition 2009
Bartlett & Jaanus Clinical Ocular Pharmacology, 5th Edition 2008
Muchnick Clinical Medicine in Optometric Practice, 2nd Edition 2008
Brooks, Brooks & Borish System for Ophthalmic Dispensing, 3rd Edition 2007
Rabbetts Bennett and Rabbett's Clinical Visual Optics, 4th Edition 2007
Stoner Optical Formulas Tutorial, 2nd Edition 2005
Bennett Optometric Practice Management, 2nd Edition 2003
Wooton Optical Training: Skills and Procedures 2003
Patel & Blades The Dry Eye: A Practical Approach 2003
Brooks Essentials of Ophthalmic Lens Finishing, 2nd Edition 2003
Moseley & Fielder Amblyopia: A Multidisciplinary Approach 2002
Keating Geometric, Physical, and Visual Optics, 2nd Edition 2002
Moss & Shaw-McMinn Eyecare Business: Marketing and Strategy 2001
Rutstein & Daum Anomalies Of Binocular Vision: Diagnosis And Management 1998
Loran Sports Vision 1997
Cassin Fundamentals for Ophthalmic Technical Personnel 1995
Ciuffreda Eye Movement Basics For The Clinician 1995
Douthwaite & Hurst Cataract: Detection, Measurement and Management in Optometric Practice 1994
Loshin The Geometrical Optics Workbook 1991