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What Happens After Publication?

What will be done to promote and sell your book?

Promoting your book
Elsevier markets its books in many ways, chosen to suit the needs of the individual product:

  • Direct mail (flyers, brochures, e-mails, electronic campaigns) . In a given year, over 200,000 items are mailed (or e-mailed) to customers (individual buyers, booksellers, instructors, etc.) throughout our markets worldwide.
  • Conventions. Books are also promoted and sold at exhibitions and conferences throughout our markets. These are attended in three ways: as a company (Elsevier), with independent contractors, and with local booksellers.
  • Advertising. Another method of promotion is space advertising in journals—our titles and external ones.

All of these campaigns/promotions are strategically planned and analyzed to ensure maximum response/success.

Selling your book

  • Sales teams. Elsevier Health Sciences' books are sold by our Educational sales team. The team receives backup from in-house sales support and works closely with the Marketing department.
  • E-commerce to consumer. Our e-commerce site is designed to guide the internet customer swiftly to the in-depth information in our online catalogue and through to the secure online order forms. In addition, the Web site includes contact details of customer service for our customers who seek information online but are not willing to purchase online.
  • Communications and special sales. A special communications group (Elsevier Health Communications) is responsible for exploiting the rapidly growing pharmaceutical and other corporate markets.
  • Rights and co-editions. Our dedicated rights and co-editions team promotes and sells books to overseas publishers for translation into their local languages. Our aim is to place titles with publishers who are able to produce high quality translations and commit substantial sales and marketing efforts to promoting the work in translation.