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From online materials and simulation products to review and testing with remediation, we have a wide array of electronic solutions to extend your Elsevier textbooks. These products enable faculty to easily implement online education in their current classes and curriculum’s.

Evolve Resources
These free resource materials come with the textbook to help faculty organize the course: create syllabuses, prepare lectures, and administer tests. Resources for students are also free with the book and include quizzes and other interactive activities.
Evolve Select
Electronic versions of the Elsevier nursing textbooks you use in your program. The books are delivered on a DVD/CD-ROM and, once unlocked, are downloaded to your computer. You and your students can search within an individual book or search across multiple books. You can use this tool to prepare for lectures and illustrate classroom handouts. Your students can highlight and colour-code key information, store information in customizable folders, add their own comments, customize study notes on a subject, and bring content into their PDA.

Evolve Online Courses
Created by experts using instructional design principles, these courses are offered in WebCT, Blackboard, and Angel (on Evolve) formats and are intended for use in blended learning (classroom and online) and as distance education applications. To access a course, students need to purchase access codes.

Within these courses, concepts are broken down into small chunks that build on each other for easier learning. Concepts are presented through the use of graphics, animations, and video and audio components . Interactive application exercises with feedback allow students to practise, and final exams test their mastery of the information.
Evolve Simulations
CD-ROMs with workbooks that immerse your students in a simulated clinical setting, where they work with complex, lifelike patients. Correlated to an Elsevier textbook, the exercises in each workbook guide your students through the process of caring for patients in a virtual hospital, prehospital environment, or a physician's office. In addition, the workbooks help them make connections between what they experience on the CD-ROM and what they have read in their textbook.
Evolve Apply

Prepares students to manage complex patient conditions and make sound clinical judgements. These online case studies cover a broad range of physiological and psychosocial alterations as well as related management, pharmacology, and therapeutic concepts.

Like the online courses, students purchase access codes and then go to the Evolve Web site for the case studies.

Essential reference/clinical information for your handheld device—portable, convenient, and quick!

Evolve SMARTest

Software that lets you manage questions and exams and grade students' books. Administered online, this program lets you create your own tests and control exam sessions—with complete security. You can use your own computer, and no scanner is needed.

* Write (or import) and update questions.
* Design and score exams.
* Analyze data for questions.
* Analyze data for exams.